Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thin PUL does not mean "cheap" PUL

Eco-PUL fabric is thin, soft, and lightweight. If you are going wear a diaper all day, wouldn't you want the fabric to be soft, thin, and light?

Yet once in a while, someone mistakenly thinks this means that Eco-PUL must be "cheap." They think a thicker, more rubbery PUL would indicate higher quality just by the fact that it is thicker. Or they imagine thicker PUL will somehow be "more" waterproof.

This is a misunderstanding. It takes skill to a create a bonded product that is drapes and is breathable -- and at the same time, is waterproof.

Now, tote bag makers might prefer a rubbery PUL (if not backing the outside with a cotton woven or other fabric). In this case a thick laminate would make the bag more stiff and keep it standing up. A tote bag is not going to be washed as much as a diaper, where that extensive washing can cause the thick, rubbery laminates to crack. Whether the fabric is comfortable to wear is not an issue.

If you're going to wear it, you don't want to feel like you're wrapped in a balloon! Modern PUL is a far cry from the rubber pants of yesteryear, and we aim to keep it that way.